Právne správy

HKV advises world-renowned architects Snøhetta and Studio Egret West in their involvement in the South Bank real estate development project in Bratislava (85,000 sqm)

HKV team consisting of Martin Kluch, Martin Hricko and Andrea Hrickova assisted Snøhetta and Studio Egret West in negotiations of the complex agreements on architectural works with Penta – the developer of the project, after both architects have won the international competition to transform a key area of Bratislava’s Southbank.

The project will be divided into several stages, while the implementation of a similar scale has a timetable of approximately ten years. The start of the construction of the first of them, is planned at the end of 2026. The priority should be the environmental protection. The development will introduce approximately 900 apartments and over 85,000 square meters of leasable office and retail space, along with a diverse range of public amenities, and a direct connection to the riverside embankment.

The winning proposal was inspired by the natural landscapes formed along the River Danube resulting in undulating „banks“ and „bowls“ of nature and ecology. The focus is on five distinctive ‘“bowls“, which are areas of public realm carved out of the raised level of the masterplan, each with a unique character and function that root the proposal in the ecology of the place. The multi layered landscape integrates a mix of uses animating a connecting boardwalk. The boardwalk will become a place where people promenade and a focus for the community of the Southbank, as well as a destination for visitors.