NGL Symbio

We dedicate 2021 to progress – we have become part of the in-ternational alliance NGL Symbio

The past year has been a challenge for many companies. Therefore, we have paid even more attention to the progress of our company and together with colleagues from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania, we have formed an alliance of independent law firms.

We dare to say that our know-how knows no boundaries. Since January 1, 2021, we have been officially part of NGL Symbio – an international alliance of independent law firms in the Central and Eastern Europe region. The joint project was preceded by our several-year survey on how best to activate cooperation within the CEE region.

After months of intensive work with colleagues from Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Romania, we finally successfully agreed to form an alliance of independent law firms called NGL Symbio (NGL – New Generation Leaders),” said Roman Hamala, visionary and founder of HKV.

Together with other member countries, we have thus created new opportunities for clients seeking a well-organized and integrated network of legal assistance from professionals with a consistent experience and quality support wherever they need it.

The goal of NGL Symbio is “symbiosis” – an open, transparent, and pleasant environment for cross-border cooperation and mutual promotion of further progress. We believe that joining this alliance will be beneficial for all and that our clients will appreciate the benefits of the level of services provided at the international level.