We are a strong team
with successful individuals
we are one

We are a strong team
with successful individuals
we are one

We are fully aware that the top legal services provided by a law firm to its clients are not just the names of the partners whose names are in its business name. Behind the great results, there is a team of skilled attorneys and junior lawyers that are part thereof.

We decided to translate the fact that we have such a great team into the name of our company, which no longer bears the three names Hamala Kluch Víglaský. We are one team, so from now on we just HKV.

Legal services

We simplify complex issues

We understand that it can be challenging to understand the legal language.
Therefore, we try to solve every problem so that we not only simplify your life, but that you also understand how we did it. We will be pleased to provide you with legal advice in all areas of modern and commercial law in Slovakia and abroad.


For two years in a row, we have been awarded the title “Law Firm of the Year” in the category Mergers and Acquisitions. In addition, our lawyers are regularly ranked by prestigious international and local rating organizations as the top Slovak lawyers recommended in all major areas of law.

They are able to address all legal aspects in detail but at the same time remain pragmatic and are able to provide practical insights.

Chambers Global 2023

Our know-how knows no boundaries

We are part of the international alliance NGL Symbio

Together with colleagues from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania, we have formed an alliance of independent law firms. It is an open, transparent, and enjoyable environment for cross-border collaboration and support of each other’s progress.

We believe that in this way we will bring new opportunities to all clients who are looking for a well-organized and integrated network of legal assistance from professionals wherever they need it.


We explain complex issues in simple terms

We thoroughly monitor current events in order to be able to respond quickly to any changes in legislation. If you are interested in what we are talking about current topics, please, refer to our Lawcal Talks.

Právne správy

Reform of construction legislation

As of April 1, 2024, a reform of the construction legislation has entered into force, which is expected to significantly impact the regulation of the rules relating to the construction...

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