We are regularly looking for individuals to enrich our team

We at HKV are not divided to lawyers and others. The success of our office is due to the great warmth of all our people. From support staff, students, through trainees to partners. If you want to share in our success, we will give you space.

We currently have no open positions.

However, you can send us your CV and if we open a position suitable for you, we will contact you.

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Why apply for a job with us?

We pay attention to work-life balance

We live in a time when after-hours work has slowly become a matter of course. However, over the years of practice, we have learned that only a relaxed person can be truly effective. That is why we definitely do not support overtime and we make sure that our people have enough time to regenerate their enthusiasm for work.

We support diversity

The only criterion in choosing a candidate for us is his skilfulness. We are happy to give an opportunity to anyone who convinces us of their abilities. Gender, skin colour, orientation and religion do not play any role for us.

We are socially responsible

We want to live in a better country and we realize that we can also make our contribution. Therefore, it is not a problem for us to offer our services also pro bono. We regularly help non-profit organizations and educate the next generation of lawyers through lectures at schools.